Spiritism Doctrine by Allan Kardec

The Basic Books & Beyond

Spirits Book
Gospel – According To Spiritism
Heaven & Hell
Mediums Book

Childrens Books
Life Taugh Us
Life Tells Us II
After The Storm
Andrew Jackson Davis – An Autobiography
Astral City
Christian Agenda
Communications With The Next World
Contact With The Other World
Daily Bread
Death After Life
Death And Its Mystery
Evidence For A Future Life
Footfalls On The Boundary Of Another World
How To Go To A Medium
Illuminating Messages From The Beyond
Incidents In My Life
Letters From Julia
Life After Death
Life And Destiny
Life Beyond Death With Evidence
Life’s Triumph
Light From Beyond
Magnetic & spiritual healing
More spirit teachings
Pheneas speaks
Preparation of workers for spiritist activities
Spirit identity
Spiritual tracts
The mystery of joan of arc
We are all mediums
Who is afraid of death
Who was allan kardec
World of spirit

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